We need to develop the science, technology and know how that will allow this country to make better decisions and when appropriate to rely upon “we the people” to help mold these decisions. We developed the atomic bomb, went to the moon and have demonstrated that we have the ability to do this also. It is just a matter of commitment. This is essential for making democracy work. We can do this.

The future of this country will depend largely upon how expertly we make societal decisions. It would be unwise to trust our future on decisions made by politicians who are obviously tempted with bribes and manipulation from special interest groups and big money. We need to make changes in our political decision making process to minimize these disruptive influences. Decision making is a developing science, that we need to utilize to bring logic and compassion to our political system.

Instead of looking at the “return on investment”, one should consider “life cycle economics”in making economic decisions. What may make you profit today, may cost society in the future. “Life cycle economics” would consider all the benefits and costs for the life of the product. Our government needs to insist that public and private entities are not just short term in nature, with the hidden cost being paid by unaware neighborhoods, cultures or future generations.